As one of the state’s largest CIDs, Gateway85 Community Improvement District represents more than 550 owners, accounting for more than $1.7 billion in commercial property value in Gwinnett County with an economic impact of $16.6 billion annually. The district has 3,090 businesses that employ more than 47,400 workers – making it one of metro Atlanta’s most important employment centers.

Gateway85 CID is focused on improving the bottom line of businesses within the district by using funds paid by the property owners in the form of added millage rate.  Those funds are then used to update infrastructure like bridges and sidewalks, study mobility and logistics improvements, and enhance security and beautification efforts over its 14-square mile district along the I-85 corridor about one mile north of I-285.


Originally formed in 2005 as Gwinnett Village CID, the organization rebranded in 2017 to better reflect its position as the gateway to Gwinnett County. Gateway85 is the only CID in the state to have both Federal and State Opportunity Zones, which provide massive tax benefits to property owners and businesses in the district. In addition, Gateway85 offers other incentives to encourage and promote redevelopment and launch entrepreneurial ventures.

Board of Directors

Emeritus Board of Directors

In recognition of their active participation and continued strong interest in the organization, select former board members are honored with the title of Emeritus Board Member.


Board Meetings

The board meets six times a year, and information on the meeting is posted 24-hours in advance of the meeting.

Next Board Meeting

May 15, 2024, 11:30 a.m.

At the Gateway85 CID offices

Community Partners


Authorized by Article IX, Section VII of the Georgia Constitution, a CID is a mechanism for funding certain governmental services including street and road construction and maintenance, parks and recreation, storm water and sewage systems, water systems, public transportation systems, and other services and facilities. The administrative body of the CID may levy taxes, fees and assessments within the CID, not to exceed 2.5% of the assessed value of the real property. Such taxes, fees and assessments may only be levied on real property that is used for non-residential purposes and revenues may be used only to provide governmental services and facilities within the CID. Bonded debt is permitted, but such debt may not be considered an obligation of the state or any other unit of government other than the CID. In 2010, the Council for Quality Growth created this video to explain CIDs.

Gateway85 CID is 14-square-miles and spans the I-85 corridor about one mile north of I-285 in Gwinnett County.

Partnerships and collaboration with local government, nonprofits and other various organizations provide services to help us meet our goals.