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Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District

5855 Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Suite 122, Norcross, GA 30071

Contact: Joel Wascher, Communications Director



Issue Date: November 16, 2016



The Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District (CID) is funded by more than 550 commercial property owners (accounting for more than $1 Billion in commercial real estate) in the community that serves as the gateway between the City of Atlanta and its largest suburban neighbor, Gwinnett County. The district is roughly 14 sq. miles, straddling I-85 from the DeKalb County/Gwinnett County line to Beaver Ruin Road. The CID’s purpose is to provide governmental services and facilities, which have the effect of increasing property values for the commercial owners who fund the organization.  To achieve that objective, the organization has identified six main drivers aimed at improving the community:  enhancing public safety, developing community identity, improving mobility through road, transit and sidewalk improvements, public landscape beautification, encouraging quality redevelopment and maximizing property owner investment. The CID works with a diverse set of stakeholders to achieve these goals including local residents, the business community, property owners, commercial real estate professionals, local, state and federal elected officials, and various public safety, transportation and planning agencies.


The CID believes there is an opportunity to improve our brand recognition and perception of the community. The area is positioned well to experience significant revitalization in coming years, but to capitalize on that there is a belief that the area needs more of a sense of place. As a result of the RFP process, the CID would like the selected consultant to work with staff and stakeholders to develop a vision for the CID/community brand going forward, rooted in the aspects that make this community so unique.


Scope of Services:

The Gwinnett Village CID is seeking professional services for revitalizing and/or recreating the District’s brand, and developing a plan for rolling it out, which includes the following items:

Phase 1- Brand Assessment and strategy formulation:

  • Identity and communications audit
  • Conduct research needed with key public stakeholders to determine existing attitudes, perceptions, opportunities and challenges to enhancing the District ’s image.

Phase 2 – Brand Design and Execution:

  • Naming- if it is determined that the CID is best served by undertaking a complete rebrand, the consultant will work with staff and stakeholders to develop a list of 4-6 brand name alternatives
  • Design a minimum of 5 logo design options and identity design standards
  • Develop brand book with logo usage guidelines, typography, iconography, etc.
  • Develop umbrella brand messaging that could be augmented by individual messages targeted to separate audiences

Additional Deliverables:

  • Design set of corporate stationery (letterhead, envelopes, notepads, postcards, business cards)
  • Design set of templates (memo, presentation)
  • Design light pole banners and landscaping signs
  • Develop a roadmap for branding campaign rollout which includes budget estimates for each suggested item (in addition to those outlined above in the scope).



Currently, the CID has budgeted $45,000 for this process. That’s not to say we need to spend the full amount, but rather than have cost as the driving factor behind selection, the CID feels that value and approach should determine who is the best fit. Based on the scope and value presented in the submitted proposals, the CID reserves the right to negotiate that figure up or down with the finalist.


Anticipated Schedule

11/16/16 Request for Proposal Released

11/29/16 by 5 pm -Questions Deadline (all questions must be submitted in writing, no telephone calls, please)

11/30/16 by 5 pm – Question Responses Posted on Website (

12/1/16 by 3 pm – Deadline for Proposal Submittal

12/9/16 Notification to Finalist(s)

12/12-16/16 On Site or Video conference interviews

12/21 – Ranking of finalists and notification to firm ranked No. 1

12/22-1/5/17 – Final negotiations of scope and fee.  If we cannot reach an agreement, we will proceed to the firm ranked No.  2

1/12/17 Consultant recommendation made to the Board.


Evaluation Criteria/Submittal Requirements

All responses to this RFP must use the following outline.

  1. Cover Sheet – Company name, date prepared, contact information for Project lead
  2. Statement of Understanding – discussion of the general requirements as understood from the scope of work within this RFP (limit one page)
  1. Proposed Solution – identification of the tasks involved to deliver on the equirements stated in the scope of work, description of final deliverables for the project, overview of methodology (limit 5 pages)
  1. Draft Work Schedule/Milestones – project timeline and major milestones leading to completion of each task, denote points where input or involvement from the CID Staff and/or Board may be needed and describe (limit one 11×17 sheet)
  1. Personnel – brief resume for key personnel working on the project and their role in completing the deliverables, highlighting relevant experience/knowledge (limit two pages per person)
  1. Cost – Since the brand naming will be determined during the process please provide one cost based on refreshing the current brand with new logo and brand standards, and another cost that would include a complete rebrand. Quotes should be inclusive. If prices exclude certain fees or charges, a detailed list of such fees and the complete explanation of their nature must be provided.
  1. References – Three samples of applicable past work and representative portfolios along with contact info for associated references. (Limit of three pages per reference.)


Please submit four hard copies of the proposal by 3 p.m. on Thursday, December 1

There is also an option to deliver one pdf via an ftp or dropbox type site.  Note that the email transmitting the document must be received no later than 3 pm on Thursday, December 1

Proposals being delivered in hard copy can be sent or delivered to:

Gwinnett Village CID

Attn: Joel Wascher

5855 Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Suite 122

Norcross, GA 30071

Please direct any questions to Joel Wascher- 770.449.6542 x102;



Submittals that do not contain the required number of copies and all information requested in the RFP may be considered as non-responsive and rejected without evaluation. Submittals received after the deadline or addresses to the wrong location will be considered non-responsive. Faxed copies will not be accepted.


The proposer understands and agrees that the Gwinnett Village CID shall have no financial responsibility for any costs incurred by the proposer in responding to this RFP.


Right of Acceptance or Rejection

The CID reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or to waive any irregularity or informality in any proposal or in the RFP procedure and to be the sole judge of the responsibility of any proposer and the suitability of the materials and/or services to be rendered.  The CID will choose the proposer who, in the sole judgment of the CID, provides the best value and best approach for the CID.