It was 10 years ago to the month that the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District was formed. To say that the area has come a long way would be an understatement. Sometimes its easy to forget where we’ve been and to grow accustomed to what the area has become. When the CID was formed, the area was in pretty rough shape after suffering decades of decline. Crime was widespread and signs of it could be seen almost everywhere.

Jimmy Carter Blvd.99

Thankfully, there still existed a a group of commercial property owners and engaged local residents that had the drive and energy to try to make this a better place. The CID was officially formed in may of 2006 and the organization became a champion for the community that people could turn to with concerns big and small.

The CID worked with local neighborhood associations to encourage aesthetic improvements (filed code complaints when necessary), organized community cleanups, painted over graffiti and scheduled regular litter pickups by CID landscapers and Gwinnett County inmate work crews. The CID also worked to address long term issues like congestion through mobility enhancements. The CID planned and designed the diverging diamond interchange and saw its construction recently completed.



We’ll be exploring the gains that this area has made over the last 10 years with a series we are calling “The Decade of Progress”. For starters, you can review our 2015 annual report which provides a broad overview of those years. In it you’ll find an overview of how the area has changed in regards to:

  • demographics
  • crime
  • mobility
  • development
  • regional partnerships and investment

In our decade of progress series we will explore each of these areas in greater detail to give our stakeholders a deeper understanding of what this area has been and what it can become.