The Path Forward

Atlanta Trafiic

July 31, 2012 is a date that metro Atlantans will look back on as one that shaped the future of the region. On that day, voters will head to their polling locations to cast a vote in one of the most important referenda the region has seen in decades. That is the date when we make a choice between investing in transportation projects that can significantly improve the region’s economic position and quality of life for residents, or standing pat and hoping that a better opportunity presents itself.

I’ve heard people on both sides of this issue make arguments for and against it, but I have not heard anyone argue that traffic congestion isn’t a problem that we need to address. Every day, hundreds of thousands of motorists are stranded on our region’s freeways when they could be spending that time powering our local economy or catching up with their family. Last year, the Texas Transportation Institute released a study ranking Metro Atlanta’s traffic as the 10th-worst in the country – and that was a step up from the previous ranking of 3rd-worst. Cities like Charlotte, Austin and Jacksonville use our congestion as one of their biggest sales pitches when trying to lure away businesses.

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to vote on an issue like this, but I do think it is extremely important that everyone take the time to understand the challenge and look at this possible solution. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if July 31 is the day we invest in our future by getting our economy moving again.