Gateway85 Community Improvement District positions businesses for a prosperous future and increased property values!

Located in the 14-square-mile district that spans the I-85 corridor in southwest Gwinnett County, Gateway85 is perfectly positioned to help businesses succeed based on its critical linkage, the significant number of projects and studies designed to improve the area and our ongoing positive community impact. Gateway85 CID is the place where commerce, business and community thrive based on our location, exceptional access and unique assets. Since 2006, commercial properties in Gateway85 CID’s district have continued to increase in value.

Gateway85 is not only the single largest CID in Georgia, but also is the only CID in Gwinnett County with both Federal and State Opportunity Zones, providing massive tax benefits to property owners and businesses in the district.

Gateway85 CID represents more than 550 owners, accounting for more than $1 billion in commercial property value. Three thousand businesses employ more than 30,000 workers within the CID, making Gateway85 one of metro Atlanta’s most important employment centers.

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