Through February 4, 2019, the City of Atlanta will implement lane restrictions and/or road closures in the downtown area for Super Bowl events. Lane restrictions are as follows:

  • No PM pick up at Baker Street and Peachtree Street (SunTrust Plaza) until February 4, 2019
  • GCT will board all passengers for the above stop at the Civic Center MARTA Station
  • AM drop off will not be impacted

Please keep in mind that the City of Atlanta Police Department has the final say in command and control of downtown traffic operations. In the event there are unannounced road closures and the buses must deviate from our normal routing, GCT will have transportation supervisors in the area for the entire week to help direct passengers to alternative bus stops. Expect delays due to heavy traffic in the downtown area.

For more information about service changes during this time, please contact Gwinnett County Customer Service at 770.822.5010.  (From: Gwinnett County Transit Bulletin)