The beautification and access management project on Indian Trail Road is complete andIndian_Trail_B-A local businesses have taken notice. Landscaped medians in the corridor and new mast arms at the intersection of Indian Trail and Brook Hollow have transformed the corridor.

Traffic on the Indian Trail and I-85 interchange has been significantly reduced and has provided congestion relief for the entire corridor. The CID believes that this is truly one of its greatest successes to date. It proves that a well-thought-out and designed project can be cost-effective and provide significant benefit to the community.

You don’t have to take it from us.

“The well-considered investments on Indian Trail make it clear that new life and vitality are seriously underway for Gwinnett’s ‘Front Door.’ And that says much to current and prospective businesses, residents, and guests. Greater Atlanta Christian School has been a proud “resident” for over 50 years now, committed to the Village’s progress and vibrance. With the growing strength of the Gwinnett Village CID, the next 50 years look even brighter.”
– Dr. David Fincher, President-Greater Atlanta Christian School