Gwinnett County Commission Chair Charlotte NashCharlotte Nash has grown up with Gwinnett – from living in a rural county as a little girl, to a suburban bedroom community as a young woman, to “a graduated span of urban to low-density suburban” today. So, it is only fitting that the “careers” of both seem to be peaking simultaneously.

Charlotte is chair of the Gwinnett County Commission and a member of the influential Regional Roundtable on Transportation at a time when Gwinnett is poised to flourish anew, with proposed transportation improvements and redevelopment set to transform her homeland once again.

“This community has never rested on its laurels,” she said. “We will continue to improve existing assets and develop new amenities.”

Charlotte sees Gwinnett Village and the county’s other CIDs as a crucial part of this process.

“Gwinnett is a large county – it’s hard to focus on any one particular area,“ she said. “CIDs can give extra attention to an area to make it more successful.”

Gwinnett Village has done that by creating a “new, re-energized sense of community” that is helping propel it forward. “The businesses here are looking out for each other’s mutual best interest, and the results are clearly visible.”

A lifelong Gwinnetian, Charlotte graduated with honors from Dacula High School and holds a degree in accounting from the University of Georgia. She and her husband Michael have been married 39 years and have two