Mike Mason has called Peachtree Corners “home” for the past 27 years.Mike Mason

It is where he and his wife of 39 years raised their sons Matt and Nick (both grads of Norcross High). It is also where he has been Cub Master, coached myriad youth sports teams, served on most of the local schools’ advisory committees, helped found a neighborhood homeowner’s association – and most recently, became the new city’s first mayor.

“Our community has matured and is no longer new,” Mike said. “We are at a tipping point, which was one of the main reasons we needed to become a city. Our Comprehensive Land Use Plan will be a wonderful opportunity to develop a community-wide vision for the future.”

Mike is also excited about the opportunity to work with Gwinnett Village.

“The CID leadership has created a vision that is an example for surrounding areas,” he said. “It is very beneficial to a new city like ours. We can join into an existing effort rather than starting from scratch.”

He also appreciates the CID’s progress over the last six years.

“Gwinnett Village has a great track record of improvements,” said Mike. “Their hard work
sets an expectation for us to follow…and that’s a good thing.”

When he’s not busy running the city – or being CFO of Amerifleet – you can find Mike at home grilling up something tasty on his Green Egg or gardening with his wife Debbie.