Buford Highway Streetscape

Buford Highway Streetscape Gateway85 has begun to implement several of the initiatives outlined in the ARC Buford Highway Multi-Modal study.  One of these includes landscaping and sidewalk installation along Buford Highway from the County line into the City of Norcross.  These improvements will not … Read more about Buford Highway Streetscape

Norcross to Lilburn Trail

Building on the Safe Routes to School trail project on Beaver Ruin Road, the Norcross to Lilburn Trail will extend the system primarily along Indian Trail Road. This trail system will transform Indian Trail-Lilburn Road into a healthy and economically robust “spine” that connects five Livable Center … Read more about Norcross to Lilburn Trail

Gateway85 Redevelopment Plan

Gateway85 organized a Steering Committee of residents, business owners, planning officials and developers to create a redevelopment plan for the two gateway corridors in the CID, Buford Highway and Jimmy Carter Boulevard.  The redevelopment plan was adopted by our board on October 11th 2007 and … Read more about Gateway85 Redevelopment Plan

Right of Way Maintenance

Right of Way Maintenance One of the first initiatives by the Board of Directors for Gateway85 when it was first formed in 2006 was to take over the maintenance of the ROW shoulders within the district. This included the main corridors in the area along with the three interchange ramps along I-85 at … Read more about Right of Way Maintenance

The Way

Linking some of the largest redevelopment and infill development opportunities, The Way is our vision of Gateway 85’s “main street,” bringing together neighborhoods and job centers to show that “it’s all right here” in Gwinnett. … Read more about The Way

Jimmy Carter DDI

The Jimmy Carter Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) is the second of its kind in Gwinnett County. Located at the intersection of Jimmy Carter Boulevard and I-85, one of the busiest interchanges along the entire I-85 corridor, the innovative design has proven in other countries to move traffic more … Read more about Jimmy Carter DDI

Jimmy Carter LCI

What is a Livable Centers Initiative? The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a program of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) that awards planning grants on a competitive basis to local governments and nonprofit organizations for the enhancement of existing centers and corridors consistent with … Read more about Jimmy Carter LCI