Status: Complete

The Freight Transit Study provided a comprehensive look at freight within the CID, with a specific focus on the area roughly south of Jimmy Carter Boulevard and west of I-85, as this area was identified as a freight-intensive cluster by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Freight movement, mobility and infrastructure was studied. The CID also considered other factors that impact freight operations, such as issues that affect the workforce associated with the industry (i.e. transit, workforce transportation, etc.). The plan included involvement of stakeholders such as business owners and representatives of local governments within the area, and it included significant public involvement.

Based upon the findings of the study, the CID developed a freight plan, which provides recommendations, including potential projects, aimed at improving freight-related issues within the study area. An interactive map of proposed projects is available with basic information including the project ID, project type, projected timeline, and estimated cost. The map can be accessed here.

The project was funded by the ARC, Gwinnett County Department of Transportation and Gateway85 CID. Cambridge Systematics was hired as the project consultant.