SRTA Grant Announcement-GVCID-Gov. Deal

On June 21, Governor Nathan Deal announced the winners of the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority’s (SRTA) 2012 Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) grants. Among the groups being awarded funding were all four of Gwinnett’s Community Improvement Districts with grants totaling $3 Million.

SRTA manages the GTIB funds, as well as the grant and loan application review and selection process. Final approval is made by the SRTA Board which is chaired by the Governor.

“The GTIB program is a way for communities who are serious about investing in their infrastructure to apply for the help they need to complete or move their projects forward,” said Governor Deal. “These projects are the kind of investments that not only sustain communities, but they also strengthen communities by providing more job opportunities.”

“To date, the GTIB program has awarded approximately $20 million in grants and loans since the program’s inception which have helped fund projects with a total value of more than $100 million dollars,” said SRTA Executive Director Dr. Gena Evans. “SRTA is committed to helping communities invest in mobility solutions that enhance quality of life and provide greater access for all Georgia citizens.”

Serving as a member of the SRTA Board, GDOT Commissioner Keith Golden applauds the 11 award recipients and supports the partnerships created through the GTIB program. “In addition to providing financial support for local transportation improvements, the GTIB program has created vital partnerships with state and local governments and entities that work to keep people moving in Georgia,” said Commissioner Golden.

About the Gwinnett projects:

Gwinnett Place & Gwinnett Village Community Improvement Districts:

The Gwinnett Place CID and Gwinnett Village CID both received $1 million grants to aid in funding construction of interchange reconfiguration projects at Pleasant Hill Road at I-85 and Jimmy Carter Boulevard at I-85.

The design chosen by both groups, known as a diverging diamond interchange, works by moving vehicular traffic onto the left side of the road when crossing onto the bridge and back across to the right when crossing the other side. This configuration effectively creates free-flowing left turns onto interstate ramps, resulting in reduced queuing in the left turn lanes. The diverging diamond interchange reconfigurations will alleviate congestion and facilitate efficient and improved operation of traffic entering and exiting the interstate by reducing the number of conflict points and reducing the number of signal phases, resulting in an increase in overall signal operation.

-Gwinnett Place Project Timeline-
-Construction- Mid 2012
-Completion- Mid 2013

-Gwinnett Village Project Timeline-
-Construction- Fall 2012
-Completion- Mid 2013

Lilburn Community Improvement District:

The Lilburn CID received $800,000 in GTIP grant funding to assist in the construction of their Main Street relocation and realignment project from US-29 to Church Street which aims to increase access to surrounding properties (including the new Lilburn Municipal Complex). Project benefits include enhanced safety and access through construction of two roundabouts, a median and intersection realignment at Main Street and US-29. The project will also include pedestrian enhancements in new pedestrian pole lights and construction of a multi-use path.

Roadway improvements will also occur on adjoining local roads to provide for adequate connectivity to the realigned Main Street. These enhancements will allow for Lilburn’s Main Street to accommodate the anticipated growth and subsequent increase in traffic volume in the years to come.

-Project Timeline-
-Construction- Winter 2012/2013
-Completion- Winter 2013/2014

Evermore Community Improvement District:

The Evermore CID was awarded a $200,000 grant and a $300,000 loan for an intersection realignment project at Old US-78 and Walton Court. The project is aimed at improving safety at this intersection and enhancing access to surrounding properties.

In conjunction with this project the Evermore CID aims to create a parallel road system to improve traffic circulation, travel efficiency and safety along the Highway 78 corridor.

-Project Timeline-
-Right-of-Way acquisition- FY 2012
-Construction/Completion-FY 2013

For more information on the GTIB program including grant and loan applications, guidelines, terms and loan interest rates visit the SRTA website at