View Point Health and Corners Outreach Join Forces in Gateway 85 Community Improvement District

Norcross, Georgia – In an exciting development for the Gateway 85 Community Improvement District (CID), View Point Health is relocating three of its bi-lingual programs into the same building as Corners Outreach, fostering a collaborative environment to enhance community services and support.

A Synergistic Partnership

View Point Health, a prominent provider of behavioral health services, and Corners Outreach, a renowned organization dedicated to educational and economic support for underserved communities, are joining forces under one roof. This strategic move aims to streamline services, increase accessibility and foster a collaborative environment to better serve the needs of the community.

Enhanced Community Services

View Point Health offers a range of services including mental health counseling and substance use treatment for children and adults. By situating themselves in the heart of the Gateway 85 CID, they aim to reach more individuals who may benefit from their comprehensive care programs. The three programs that will be housed in the Corners Outreach building include Alianza Terapéutica Latina, an outpatient clinic serving adults and children; The NEST, a Resiliency Clubhouse for youth; and Dreamers, a Substance Use Clubhouse for youth. All programs are 100% staffed with Bi-lingual Spanish-speaking clinicians, psychiatrists, nurses and other professionals. This move is seen as a critical step in addressing the growing need for mental health services in the area.

Corners Outreach focuses on educational support and economic empowerment, providing resources such as tutoring, parent education programs and workforce development initiatives. Their presence in the same building as View Point Health will facilitate a more integrated approach to supporting Latino families and individuals, creating a one-stop hub for essential services.

Benefits to the Gateway 85 Community

The co-location of these two organizations within the Gateway 85 CID is anticipated to bring numerous benefits to the local community:

  • Improved Access to Services: Residents will have easier access to both mental health services and educational support, reducing the barriers to receiving comprehensive care and assistance.
  • Collaborative Initiatives: The proximity will allow for joint programs and initiatives, leveraging the strengths of both organizations to address complex community issues more effectively.
  • Economic Growth: By providing essential services and support, both organizations contribute to the overall economic stability and growth of the community. Their programs aim to uplift individuals, which in turn can lead to a more robust local economy.
  • Community Engagement: The shared space will serve as a community hub, encouraging engagement and participation from local residents. This can lead to increased community cohesion and a stronger support network for individuals in need.


Looking Ahead

The move is part of a broader vision to create a collaborative and supportive environment within the Gateway 85 CID. Both organizations are committed to their missions and look forward to the enhanced opportunities that this co-location will bring.

As View Point Health and Corners Outreach prepare for this significant transition, the Gateway 85 CID eagerly anticipates the positive impact this partnership will have on the community. The collaboration symbolizes a progressive step towards holistic community support, combining mental health services with educational and economic empowerment to foster a healthier, more resilient community.