Gateway85 Gwinnett boasts a healthy and growing environment for businesses and companies of all sizes. We have worked to diligently with local property and business owners to transform our community and make it a place where businesses and companies know they will thrive and find success as they contribute jobs and revenue that will in turn help support the community they call home.

Many companies have made the choice to make Gateway85 Gwinnett their home. With convenient access to rail, I-85 and our close proximity to the airport, our location makes doing business easy. With the addition of multiple incentives for redevelopment, we are always on the lookout for how we can work with property and business owners to contribute to the health of our local economy. When you choose to locate to Gateway85 Gwinnett, you are joining businesses like US Foods, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Waffle House, Ole Mexican Foods and many others that have located here.

US Foods
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Ole Medican Foods
Waffle House

Gateway85 is here to answer your questions about locating and investing here. Please contact us to learn more.

Our Economic Impact Property Taxes: $46.9 million in total property taxes annually to Gwinnett County and Gwinnett Schools Sales & Hotel Taxes: $28.4 million in net sales and hotel taxes to Gwinnett County & Gwinnett Schools Business Licenses: 1.8 million in revenue from Gateway85 Gwinnett business licenses annually from Gateway85 Gwinnett businesses Total: Roughly $80 million in total annual revenues to Gwinnett County & Gwinnett Schools generated within Gateway85 Gwinnett

Come find out the many advantages Gateway85 Gwinnett offers for business!