March 8, 2024

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA—– Gateway85 Community Improvement District announces the contribution of $850,000 to kick
start improvements to the high traffic interchange at I-85/Jimmy Carter Boulevard. The I-85/Jimmy Carter Boulevard Diverging Diamond Interchange is the southern gateway into Gwinnett and the worst bottleneck in the county according to Executive Director of Gateway85, Emory Morsberger. Through a study in partnership with the county performed two years ago, Gateway85 determined making improvements to this interchange was the CID’s top priority.

This contribution is part of a significant community project fund championed by Congresswoman Lucy McBath from District 7. It is a “congressionally directed spending” project in the minibus appropriations bill passed by Congress and
signed by President Biden, which includes 14 projects announced by McBath that all reflect positively on the state.

In her letter to Congress dated March 31, 2023, McBath wrote, “The funding would be used for short-term safety and capacity improvements. The project is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds because improving the ramps will result in economic benefits to adjacent and nearby business by increasing the efficiency of the roadway network. Gwinnett’s only designated Opportunity Zones (OZ) are located adjacent to the I-85/Jimmy Carter Boulevard interchange. Road projects located in OZs are more likely to benefit area citizens and businesses than in other parts of the county due to increased mobility.”

According to Gateway 85 CID Executive Director, Emory Morsberger, “We are so pleased to have received this news to support our top priority. Road projects such as this take countless hours and attention to detail to move them forward to benefit the
public – this is a major coup for Gateway85 and our community.”

The earlier studies showed the I-85/Jimmy Carter Boulevard interchange as the most heavily trafficked interchange for freight vehicles and that traffic conditions greatly add to trip times. Morsberger continues, “This initial money will give us an opportunity to begin improvements on this specific interchange while the entire replacement project will take years. While this is just one of the major improvements we are working on, this one is a real victory.”

In the next two weeks, Gateway85 plans to add signage around the on-off ramps to direct traffic more efficiently, helping retailers and residents along the Jimmy Carter Boulevard. Work and renovation on these ramps should begin next year.

With the CID’s focus on safety, landscape improvement, economic development and transportation, this project is proof of the progress being made with the objectives of the organization established two decades ago.

For more information, please email or call 404.659.0919.