January 23, 2024

ATLANTA – The Gateway85 CID hosted a gathering at the Corners Outreach facility that brought together 38 community participants, including business leaders, non-profit organizations, and government officials from diverse sectors to address the pressing needs of the expanding Latino community in the Gwinnett County area. With a primary objective to enhance accessibility to vital human services, education, and employment opportunities, the collaborative discussion focused on sharing ongoing initiatives to support Latinos and identified opportunities for joint efforts, experimentation, and new implementations.


Despite the perception of America as a melting pot, Latinos in Gateway85 and beyond continue to face significant challenges, ranging from language barriers to poverty and limited educational and professional opportunities. Of particular concern are new immigrants who may lack awareness of available resources, hindering their chances of success in building a better life in the United States.


Gateway85 CID is home to over 1,200 businesses, many of which are actively seeking qualified workers. To address the lack of access to proper education and awareness of community resources, the CID envisions creating a coalition of leaders and service providers to streamline support in areas such as health services, education, job training, and employment opportunities, facilitating a smoother acclimation process.


Key to this initiative is addressing barriers that disproportionately affect Latino students and workers. State Representative Pedro Marin emphasized the need to educate state leadership on policies that impact the Latino population and contribute to challenges faced by businesses seeking employees.


The contributions of the Latino labor force to Georgia’s industries, economy, and business growth were highlighted during the meeting held on January 18. Acknowledging the economic significance, this community aims to build momentum by fostering collaboration among various organizations to advocate for Latino-related issues in Gwinnett. While the Gateway85 CID cannot adopt a legislative agenda, it serves as a platform for cross-pollination of ideas and initiatives.


This meeting marks the initial step towards building strong momentum for the improvement of the lives of Latino community members in Gateway85, Gwinnett County, and Georgia at large. Organizations in attendance included: Northland Group, Corners Outreach, Latin American Association, Georgia Gwinnett College, G&R Public Health, Boy with A Ball, Gwinnett Technical College, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Gwinnett Coalition, Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, Good Samaritan Health Center, and the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


A follow-up meeting is planned in approximately three weeks, as the new initiative community welcomes continued collaboration and participation.


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