Gateway85 organized a Steering Committee of residents, business owners, planning officials and developers to create a redevelopment plan for the two gateway corridors in the CID, Buford Highway and Jimmy Carter Boulevard.  The redevelopment plan was adopted by our board on October 11th 2007 and included our consensus principles for redevelopment:

GV Future Land Use

  • Encourage Quality Redevelopment
  • Reduce Crime
  • “Incentivize” Redevelopment
  • Allow Higher Density at Key Intersections
  • Improve Connectivity
  • Provide Variety in Transportation Options
  • Preserve Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Create an Open Space Network

We are currently working on ordinance language to incentivize investment and redevelopment in the area expected to be adopted by the City of Norcross and Gwinnett County in 2008.  We will also be marketing the plan and these gateway corridors to regional, state and national investors.

Download Redevelopment Plan PDF