Status: Complete

Jimmy Carter Boulevard

  • Intersection Improvements
    • The Singleton Road intersection improvements
    • Intersection improvement at Jimmy Carter Boulevard and North Norcross Tucker Dr
    • Intersection pedestrian upgrades at Jimmy Carter and Goshen Springs
    • Intersection improvements at Jimmy Carter and Best Friend Rd
    • Intersection pedestrian upgrades at Jimmy Carter and Buford Highway
  • Beautification
    • Jimmy Carter landscaped medians (Goshen Springs to Oakbrook Dr)
    • GDOT Gateway landscaping at Jimmy Carter and Oakbrook Pkwy
    •  Interchange landscaping at Jimmy Carter Boulevard and I-85

Indian Trail Road

  • Intersection Improvements
    • Intersection upgrades at Indian Trail and Brook Hollow Pkwy
    • Intersection Upgrades at Indian Trail and Oakbrook Pkwy
    • Access management/safety enhancements for Indian Trail from Beaver Ruin to Oakbrook Pkwy
  • Upgrades
    • Additional Left turn lane onto I-85 NB ramp
    • Mast arms/interchange upgrades at I-85/Indian Trail
    • Proposed fencing upgrades
  • Beautification
    • Landscaping of Indian Trail/I-85 interchange
    • Landscape medians from Beaver Ruin Road to Oakbrook Pkwy
  • Sidewalks
    • I-85 to Oakbrook Pkwy
    • Willow Trail
    • Tech Drive from Indian Trail to Singleton Road
    • Multi-use path, Beaver Ruin to Lilburn

Beaver Ruin Road

  • Beautification
    • Landscaping of I-85/Beaver Ruin interchange
    • Landscaped medians- I-85 to Light Cir
  • Sidewalks
    • I-85 to Singleton Road
    • I-85 to Satellite Boulevard
    • Beaver Ruin Rd to Pond Road
    • Satellite to Castor Dr
    • Castor Drive
    • Pinnacle Way to Indian Trail Road
    • Light Cir to Light Cir
    • Multi-use path from Price Place to Indian Trail

Buford Hwy

  • Beautification
    • Landscaping from DeKalb County Line to Gwinnett Dr Sidewalks
    • DeKalb County Line to Jimmy Carter Boulevard